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NZ-20051204 003The Kiwi land that I just came back from is indeed beautiful and very scenic, with clear blue skylines that look like the artworks of those fine watercolor paintings, and natural greens of a variety of shades padded over the surfaces of mountains and hills across country. But driving along the motorways of this country did not give me a similar feel of calm and easiness. Of course, driving is not a calming exercise, and not necessarily easy as well, especially given the mountain roads that are full of turn and twist, ups and downs. Such stress in driving however can get relieved quickly by the beautiful country sights around, but not until you encounter some kind of drivers on the road.
In several occasions, we were either too slow on our way, did not filter out fast enough, or simply overtaken someone whom do not like to be overtaken, we were immediately met with the driver showing his middle finger on the way pass. Such gesture immediately destroyed the beauty of the country sights, not just inducing a surge of distress. I shaked my head and drove on.
Ironically, I have not experienced such behaviors from people on the road in the many travels that I have made in the less developed countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Written by mengchow

December 14, 2005 at 2:02 am

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