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In Manila this week, and have to travel between two cities every day, passing through and tagging along lines of heavy traffics. The higher than average humility, and the frequent brusts of honks and engine yawns and yells make one feels trapped and uncomfortable. Many drivers become frustrated and easily annoyed. Less developed they may be, no middle finger was shown by anyone when they were overtaken, and even cut off from their occasional short span of unhindered rides by other rude drivers. The Filippinos road users also have their own unique way of leveraging the situation. Small carts of peanuts (which are kept warm by a mobile stove to give the best taste and smell), as well as other tip-bits, and bottled water are peddled by the street hawkers in the middle of the traffic, running in opposite direction against them, for the hungry, thirsty, and those drivers and passenger who just want something to bite. This, in a small way, helps to losen the tension of the condition while everyone moves forward with the slow traffics. While the economists talk about the negative impact of traffic conditions to the country’s economy, in an indirect way, such condition also gives opportunities for those who could not find a living otherwise. Or at least, people are adapting and leveraging, not just complaining, making a positive difference.

Written by mengchow

December 22, 2005 at 1:36 am

Posted in Risk Management

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