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I was in Tokyo week before last and two colleagues there brought me to this interesting watering hole located in the Roppongi area. It was not at the center of Roppongi, and took us quite a long walk to locate it, with the help of the local police. The bar was interesting. It was all tiled with heavy blocks of ices. The temperature was freezing cold, and each of us had to wear a thick pull-over type of winter clothing issued at the entrance to the bar before entering.

According to the bartender, the ice blocks were shipped directly from Torne River in Sweden. I’m not sure if that’s true, but the mention of it makes us felt that it is a place worth visiting. Such is the power of information (or maybe mis-information), using it to build the kind of perception that they need, so that more people will visit it, and feel reasonable paying the high cover charge (of Yen 3,000 per person) for such a small bar that you couldn’t stay for more than an hour. (They don’t have a rule on the latter though; but the place didn’t really have anything else, except ice blocks, to keep you there for long.)

The drinks there were also served on tiny block shaped glasses made of ice, which melt at the edges as you sip the drink itself. If you leave the liquid in the “glass” for a long time, it may perhaps frozen and become part of the ice block. This design was therefore interesting, and again help in their business. You’re therefore “encouraged” to finish your drink more quickly, and order more glasses (since the serving was also rather small in portion.)

The place was rather small, so it couldn’t house many people as well. If you are looking for a place to meet new friends, you can perhaps forget about it. This is more of a place for taking a look, have one or two drinks, and then move on. I would think more for tourist than anyone else. And if you have been there once, you would probably won’t go there again, unless you are bringing someone to have a look next time. So I had been there once, and if you like visiting it, check it out at Roppongi — ask the policeman there, they will know where it’s located. Have fun!

Written by mengchow

August 22, 2006 at 1:47 pm

Posted in Food and drink

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