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January 17, 2007 – Today is another one of those travelling days, but a very long journey on the road though. There’s no flight from Trivandrum to go back to Singapore directly today, and I have to get back to Singapore by tomorrow morning. I have to take ride on a car to Kochi, which is approximately 270 km away. It is a five hours journey. The Kerala Police Department was kind to arrange for a police car to send me there, and also have a police constable (PC) accompany me for the trip, plus a driver. Throughout most of the journey, we talked about general stuff concerning Kerala and the living condition and culture of people there. Rajeesh, the PC, also told me about his girlfriend who is living in Kochi, and how they had met in a temple in Trivandrum, and planned to get married in two years time. The journey was accompanied by loud Indian pop songs, mostly love songs, as I’ve understood from Rajeesh.
Kerala-20070116 011
Rajeesh also spoke fondly about the love story of Taj Mahal in Delhi, and the backwater phenomenon in Kerala. I think I should extend a day in my coming trip to Delhi to visit the Taj. The backwater apparently will bring in seawater, with fishes, during the hot seasons, and rainwater, as fresh water, suitable for use in agricultural use during other season.
Kerala-20070116 017
We stopped at a roadside motel’s restaurant for a break of coffee, with the Indian fried corn cake and fried banana about 150 km from where we started. The tea break costs Rps38.45, which is less than USD1, for all the three of us. Rajeesh said that the cost of living there is less than UDS10 a day, including accommodation in the local hotel. Ironically, the hotel rate at the Leena (in Trivandrum) was USD320 per day, which means enough to stay for more than a month. This is apparently around two months’ pay for Rajeesh as well.
Kerala-20070116 016

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