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While the taxi drivers in Hongkong are technologically geared to receive more calls and communicate better to improve their livelihood, those in the Taipei city are taking a different approach, in the form of "application diversification" perhaps. During my visit to Taipei in October 2007, I started to find numerous taxi having the back of the front seats used as a platform for displaying accessories and other small items for sales to the passengers sitting behind.

20071013-Taiwan 030 20071013-Taiwan 029

The experience, as a passenger, was interesting, or rather, refreshing. I would rarely look at these women’s accessories on the streets, unless my wife or daughter wanted my opinion for what they are looking. In the taxi, I have the closest, non-interference encounter with these kinds of stuff. I think women passengers (young or elder alike) should be fascinated with such experience, especially when there’s a traffic jam on the way to shopping. A taxi no longer just takes you from point A to point B. It has other applications add-on now. This is also a major change from being a passive platform using radio, TV, or printed advertisements at the back to evangelize something or market a product or service. It is retail on the move.

Written by mengchow

January 20, 2008 at 4:16 pm

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