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Rocks or rubbish

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Some issues are rubbish, while other are stones, or rocks. When we walk along a street and see some rubbish, it is alright for us to help clear it and clean up the street. Few people would get unhappy over such a gesture. On the other hand, when it is a piece of rock placed by someone, especially a big rock, it usually means something. Most people would not try to remove it, or crush it, but simply make a detour over it and get on with our own business. If we try to remove it, it is likely to cause unhappiness by those who have placed it on the street. The simple act of going against the flow of someone (by removing their rocks) would usually result in bigger issues, or troubles for us or them, or more people. This is an analogy that a professor used when he spoke about responding to issues in China. There are issues that are simply rocks, so we should be smart in handling them, bypassing or ignoring them if possible. It is unlikely that we would gain anything by trying to remove or crush such rocks.


Written by mengchow

January 24, 2008 at 1:43 am

Posted in Risk Management

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