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ISO/IEC 24762 published

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Finally, after more than two years of development, the ISO/IEC 24762 on "Guidelines for ICT Disaster Recovery Services" is now completed and published. It is now available for purchase at ISO web site at:

This standard was developed based on the Singapore Standard, SS 507, which was published in 2005 and revised in 2007 to align with the development completed in 24762. SS 507 however is a certifiable standard, and a number of organizations in Singapore has since been certified. ISO/IEC 24762 is currently a set of guidelines, and there may be plan to have a specification developed in the coming months (or years).

The SS 507 (and 24762) standard was motivated by practical needs experienced in Singapore during the SARS incident, and the economic downturn thereafter in 2003/2004 period, in which it was difficult for organizations using DR Services (i.e., consumers) to determine the reliability (which includes quality, integrity, and availability in this case) of the service providers. In addition, there were service providers that were set up during good times and simply packed-up and left during the downturn, which left the consumers at risk. The SS 507 standard provides a means for consumers to determine the reliability and viability of the service providers, when they undergo and achieve the certification to provide the assurances needed.

ISO/IEC 24762 forms part of the WG4 Roadmap in addressing ICT Readiness requirements, and at the same time, providing the services to support the ICT disaster recovery needs of organizations in the aftermath of an incident.



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February 15, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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