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Washington D. C.

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At the start of my travel two weeks ago, as I got on the plane, I noticed that my running shoe was torn at the edge of the sole and I was concerned that it would not last me for the entire trip. I am glad today that at the final day of my trip, while the hole has widen slightly, the shoe is still pretty much in tact, and functioning. Ready for another run.

DSC06243   P1070902

The weather is perfect in Washington D.C. at 21 degree Celsius, blue sky, and no cloud (against yesterday’s forecast). Without hesitation, after finishing the final meeting of the entire trip, I get back, change, and dash out to grab my opportunity to run round the US President’s home – the White House.

P1070861  P1070905

I run pass the White House towards the Washington Monument. The view around the White House areas is awesome. At one end is the Capitol building, and at the other end, the Lincoln Memorial. I cover about four miles to and from the Westin hotel, with additional rounds at the Monument, attracted by the beautiful scenery there. All in all, in just two days, I pass by the White House four times (three times yesterday).

This is in fact the first time I have been to Washington D.C. There were a few occasions in the past years that allowed me to visit the city but I didn’t give opportunity a priority over other events. Having finally made it here this time, I am pleased to be here. It is indeed an eye opener, and perhaps better late than never. It is a beautiful city, very different than what I thought it might look like given what I have read from a few books where the city is part of the stories’ settings. I guess this reflect the notion of “never trust all that you’ve read”. 🙂 Personal experience is above all else.

While the city is clean and green, I notice that there are quite a number of people smoking on the streets and outside of buildings—guarding the entrances with their smoke screens :-(. This used to be the scene common in Singapore and Tokyo, but with the recent extension of the non-smoking laws there, they have kind-of faded away. I would hope to see such a change in more cities towards the disappearance of the smokers on the streets so at least I need not walk pass a smoke screen before entering the buildings, which already have additional security screening setup at entrances to a number of buildings since 9/11.


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