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Arriving at Malacca

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It is the time of the year for yet another ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 Working Group and Plenary meeting. The host for the next nine days is the Malaysian national body (NB), represented by Standards Malaysia. As in many previous meetings, the venue is a place that has more holiday goers than IT folks. Here we come, Malacca (or Melaka in the local language).

DSC_6036 DSC_6048

While we embarked on our journey looking forward to catching up with the familiar faces and getting ready for a week of intensive discussion on the various projects, the news of the volcano eruption in Iceland causing massive disruption/cancellation of air flights in a number of European countries emerged. Unlike previous meetings, this looks like it is not going to be just yet another SC 27 and WG meeting as we have planned.

At 5pm this afternoon, the delegates who have already checked into the hotel at Malacca gathered and held a VoIP conference with two conveners (WG 1 and WG 3) who are still held up in Europe, and deliberated on the contingency plan for the meetings that are starting from Monday. At the end of an hour of discussion, all agreed to push forward as per planned, but with additional provision to enable remote participation by delegates who are still held up at the various airports, hotels, or home (if they are slightly luckier). The responsiveness of the group as a whole to such an event was admirable, as this is something we did not have a plan, and there was no precedent to fall back upon as well.

As of this evening, about one-third of the delegates who have registered for the meeting have either have their flight delayed or cancelled. In WG 4, six co-editors, and two editors have declared unable make it or make it on time for the 8th WG 4 meeting. A number of them are still trying to get on a later flight out, even though we cannot really predict how the weather condition will change with that of the volcano in Iceland. The fortunate thing is that these six co-editors all have counterparts who are able to make it to Malacca, except for one project (27036). Nevertheless, the project (27036) was able to find an acting editor to support its proceeding this week.

For this meeting, WG 4 has eleven projects in progress, including a new project on Redaction (to be numbered 27038). Two study periods, i.e., Supply Chain Security Controls, and Storage Security have been scheduled for discussion to determine if they should be put up as new work items before the end of the week. As of December 2009, the new Part 1 for Network Security: Overview and Concept (ISO/IEC 27033-1) has been published as an International Standard (IS). Thanks to Robin Moses and Laura Kuiper for their efforts to the completion of this new standard. At this point, I’m still optimistic that at least two thirds of the projects could still progress as per planned, while the rest may need some adjustments to be made to bring at least some progress by the end of this coming week. The former list should include 27031, 27032 (Cybersecurity), 27033-2/3 (Network Security), 27034-1/2 (Application Security), 27035 (Incident Management), and 27037 (Digital Evidence), and the Study Periods. We shall see by then.


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April 18, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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