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11th RAISE Forum Meeting

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Last week in Tokyo, members of the RAISE Forum gathered for the 11th meeting since its inauguration in November 2004. In the past two to three years, activities and participations in the Forum meetings seemed to have slowed down, but core members from Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, and Singapore continued to be active in organising and facilitating the proceedings, focusing mainly on information sharing and keeping each other updated on their respective economies’ developments (in terms of information security and standards). Malaysia, as one of the founding members, also continued to contribute through remote participation (thanks also to the WebEx conferencing tool) even though they couldn’t get the funding to attend the meeting physically.

In this meeting, there were two interesting developments. We have our mainland China’s members sending four representatives and providing two contributions to the proceedings, expanding the members’ presence in the meeting and increasing the level of activities in the forum. At the close of the meeting, we also agreed on two new initiatives to pursue forward. As this is still a semi-open forum, I shall not discuss more details about the new work items proposed until we have something more concrete to share. Meanwhile, if anyone in Asia has interest to participate and contribute (not just observe and listen ;-)) to improve the sharing of information security learning and experience, feel free to drop a comment here, or send a direct message to us in Twitter @raiseforum, or our alternative RAISE Forum group site at LinkedIn.

Special thanks to Japan NICT for their sponsorship for the meeting, and our Japanese members for organising the logistics and administrative supports, including the reception gathering, which all made the meeting possible and successfully held for the 11th times. Our next meeting will be held in mainland China, organise by our P.R. China members.

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Written by mengchow

August 19, 2012 at 6:40 am

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