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Be ready for the Year of the Wooden Horse

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Today marks the start of a new year on the Lunar calendar. As the Chinese saying goes, as the spring season arrives, happiness and prosperity follow. I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year.


The Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese geomancy (feugshui) system, it’s a Wooden Year, which means a Wooden Horse Year. That immediately calls to our attention the well known Trojan Horse. Perhaps an important reminder of the many facets of security threats, which often leverage the surface appeal of beauty, innocence, or relevance of a subject to lure one into a hidden trap. Think Spear Phishing, Spam mails. Be prepared for the Trojan, be ready to deal with the many hidden challenges.

This year is also the “Jia Wu” year (甲午年) in the lunar calendar (more accurately, the sexagenary system, 六十花甲) that marks the 120th anniversary of the first Sino-Japanese war (甲午战争,1894-1895). The current political tension between China and Japan over various territorial and historical issues doesn’t give much comfort when we read about the historical conflict. Certainly, today’s situation differs vastly from that of 120 years ago. But again, we never know if the leaders will learn from the lessons of history. Perspectives of war often differ between the agressor and the defender. They get more complex as more parties are involved. The stakeholders are many, solution is never easy.

Similarly, perspective on Cybersecurity, Cybercrimes, Cyberwar, and for that matter, everything Cyber, often differs as well. Unlike the conflicts of nations or competition, which leaders and stakeholders can have a choice of actions or inactions, in the Cyberspace, we often don’t even know that we have been targeted or who or what the enemy is. As such, what really matter to an individual or an organisation on the Internet is whether do we know what’s at stake if something bad happens, have we thought about our potential exposure, and are we ready to respond? A few questions that may appear simple, but often, we don’t have the answers, or simply put, not ready.

Once again, wishing everyone a happy new year! 祝大家马年吉祥,身体健康!


Written by mengchow

January 31, 2014 at 11:52 am

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